Brain My Day

Brain My Day 1.0

Entertaining brain training game


  • Innovative virtual world-style element
  • Customize your own character
  • Neat graphics


  • Puzzles tend to repeat a lot
  • Annoying soundtrack


Brain training games have become very popular of late, largely thanks to the success of Dr Kawashima's range of puzzlers for the Nintendo DS.

Brain My Day adds a new twist to the brain training genre on the Pocket PC. Rather than simply taking you through a series of static quizzes and puzzles, the game incorporates a kind-of Sims-style element whereby you need to take care of a garden. To buy new plants, trees and flowers you must win gems by completing the brain-bending challenges.

The puzzles in Brain My Day are split into four categories: memory, Analyze, Identify and Math. Each one consists of a series of interactive questions as diverse as counting penguins, tic-tac-toe, and matching shapes. Each question is ranked based on three levels of difficulty, and some can prove mighty tricky. Unfortunately though, many of the same puzzles and questions crop up time and time again, which gets a little too repetitive (as does the music, by the way).

The idea of having an interactive world to hang out in certainly makes Brain My Day an innovative brain trainer. You can customize your own character, and unlock loads of mini-games throughout the game.

Brain My Day makes for a well presented challenge, although you may find the puzzles themselves a little repetitive.

Brain My Day


Brain My Day 1.0

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